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Welcome to my website. This is very much a personal website, primarily for use of the family, with nothing too exciting . . !!

What's included:
This website is for the use of the family and friends so they can have a look at photographs I've taken of family get-togethers, events, parties etc. The website includes:

  • a separate page of details and photos for mum and dad and each of my brother & sisters;
  • pages for each of my 10 nephews & nieces and my great-nephew, Archie ;
  • a 'latest news' section of what's happening with me and the family;
  • brief details of both my grandfathers - part of the family history I'm beginning to put together;
  • photographs.

  I hope you enjoy the website!!


my youth ...

A short video clip taken from a recently found Cine-Film of a bed-push I took part in way back as a 19 year old when ‘our gang’ pushed the bed the 15 miles from Halesowen to Stourport in aid of leukaemia research. I find this clip fascinating, not only because sponsored events were relatively unheard of then, but because ‘Health & Safety’ was obviously an unknown concept – as is clearly demonstrated by our total lack of!! See the YouTube video here. Oh so thin; oh so young; oh for a full head of non-grey hair!!

what's new ...


my Grandfather McBain's name was read out during the Roll of Honour at the Tower of London - In a very moving act of remembrance, my grandfather's name was at sunset on Monday 22nd September, among the 140 or so names - part of a nightly event to mark the 100 yr anniversary of WW1. You can see a video of the event HERE [you can skip to 2 minutes if you only want to hear my grandfather's name].