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the annual family-gathering at mom's on Christmas Eve - taken 2007


This website shows how I fit into the McBain/Tromans family tree. It shows my roots from my dad from the Scottish side of the family together with my mother's roots from the English Midlands. It shows many of my known ancestors and descendants and their wider families. If any information is known to be wrong please get in touch with me. Similarly, if anyone shown objects to any information being given about you I will either hide it or remove all details except the name ..... !!

There is an INDEX showing every personI have recorded in this family tree, so if you want to look at anyone in particular, click on the index [shown above in the tool bar]

NOTE: this information is the copyright property of William Tromans McBain



Table of Contents
(1) my SCOTTISH heritage - the McBain & Donaldson families, starting with my grandparents
(2) my ENGLISH heritage - the Tromans & Oliver family, starting with my grandparents
[3] my details



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