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My photographs taken during 2014


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NOTE 2: photos shown on this page tend to be albums of multiple photos. Where I've just take a single photo at an event etc they will be shown at 'Latest News' which can be seen here



Archie's 5th birthday party - 31 December 14
Handel by Candlelight - at Symphony Hall Sunday 28th December
Boxing Day at Beverly's
Christmas Day at Belinda's
Belinda McBain, Nicki Bainbridge & William McBain 25/12/14  
Christmas Eve at Barrie & Jane's

at St Thomas' Nine Lessons and Carols - 21st December
WW1 truce on Christmas Day remembered - 21st December
a long weekend 'away' in Catshill - 14th/17th November
Ian Macrea, Lynton Weston & Bill McBain    
Festival of Remembrance - singing with VIH 8th November
William McBain, belinda McBain, soldier, Nicki Bainbridge, Judith Tyley James Morris MP - at VIH's Festival of Remembrance 8th November 2014    
Archie Bevan - ready for his first ever football training on 29th October
Dowles Brook - Thursday 23rd October @ Wyre Forest
at the final service of St Luke's @ Cradley Heath - Sunday 19th October
walking over Kinver Edge - Thursday 9th October 2014
my Grandfather McBain's name is read out during the Roll of Honour at the Tower of London - sunset on Monday 22 September
you can see a video left - start if you wish at 2 minutes   see video


Greenwich / London day 2 - at Observatory & Tower of London 22/9



Greenwich day 1 - two days away with Judith & George 21 September
#BetterTogether - the PM's final speech about the Scottish Referendum

watch the video

Clent & Walton - walkng over the hills on Wednesday 10th Sep 14
Brum in the sun - even Birmingham looks good in the sun 8 Sep 14
PMQs on 3rd September - a question about the Scottish referendum
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See the video

Archie's first day at school - 3rd September 2014
at Bletchley Park - home of the code breakers - 29th August 2014
the McBains' ice bucket challengec- 27th August 2014
Jane McBain, Belinda McBain & Katie McBain - ice bucket challenge 27th August 2014  

see the YouTube
video here

my niece Bethany McBain in Ghana with the charity 'Thrive Africa'

Mum's 92nd birthday party - Monday 25th August




See Bev's "Ice Bucket Challenge" on YouTube here  
the Dawlish Air Show - Saturday 23rd August 2014

at Sidmouth for the day - and a meal at The Belmont Hotel for lunch - Friday 22nd August 2014
at a party celebrating Peter Fisher's 60th birthday - Saturday 16th August 2014
at Dudmaston Hall - Thursday 14th August 2014
William McBain at Dudmaston Hall 14th August 14        
the community of Cradley came together to remember the 133 local Cradley people who died in WW1 100 years on - Monday 4th August 2014 held in the 'Avenue of Remembrance in the grounds of St Peter's
at Overend Methodist Mission's Commemoration Service to mark the centenary of the start of WW1 - evening service on 3rd August 2014



see a video here

my niece Bethany's fundraising event - at her home on Saturday 2nd August 2014

the ban Deaf Inspector [with Monty Williams and 2 others] playing for beth McBain's fund-raiser 2nd August 2014  

at Commonwealth Games - Wednesday 30th July
at Commonwealth Games - Tuesday 29th July 2014
at Cal's art exhibition 3rd July 2014
at my brother's birthday bash 3rd July 2014
a prayer meeting held at St John's - Halesowen parish church - on 11th June 2014

the Queen's Baton relay [for Commonwealth Games] comes to Birmingham - Monday 2nd June 2014




remembering my sister Barbara - over Clent on Sunday 1st June 2014
walking over Clent followed by a trip into Birmingham visiting The Cub & BBC Midlands studio and then going to the Hippodrome for an early evening meal there followed by the show 'two men - one governor' on 27th May 2014
at Bewdley and Dudmaston Hall on 26th May 2014
visiting my great-niece Kiomi for the first time at Abi & Alan's place in Littlewick Green - 19 May 2014
Celebrating my nephew Alexander's 30th birthday - 10 May 2014
at a street play entitled 'when Christ came to Birmingham' for Passion Week - 15th April 2014



at a Voices in Harmony choir concert - mum and family seen here with Michael Collie (BBC Midlands Today) who was our compere for the evening 5th April 2014
Michael Collie of BBC fame with mum and family        
at Belinda's for Mothering Sunday - 30th March 2014
we usually walk though this field at Kinver, not wade around it. The effect of too much rain - 5th February
a long weekend break in Sidmouth staying at the Belmont - 10th/13th January 2014


bumping intp John & David during a walk @ Wyre Forest - 8th January
John Jeavons, Bill McBain and David bump into each other in the Wyre Forest - 8th January 2014        



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