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Boxing Day 06 at Bev's


Christmas Eve 06 at mom's

Matt & Josh Beth   at mom's on Christmas Eve 06 Adam & Ali
Jane & Barrie     Jodie & Paul  

Josh's birthday get-together - 22nd October 06


at Bev's - 20th/21st October 06

warming myself with a glass of wine, in front of the fire Amy & me   Amy, my niece, on the right off for her Friday night out with her friends Bev & me at breakfast; bacon rolls - taken by timer on my camera
  taken [on zoom] from Bev's window, the sheep following faithfully their feeder ...      

Matthew's 16th birthday - 11th September 06

Matthew - birthday boy @ 16 - 11 Sept 06       Matt's friend Matt . .  !! In profile they even look alike - the march of the clones!!

meal for Mom's birthday - Sunday 27th August 06
(held at Bev's)


Amy with her lovely Uncle - but I would say that wouldn't I?? mom getting her cake  . . .  !!   3 'cool swingers'
Matthew trying to teach his 84 year old grandmother how to send a text message  . . . .   mom - complete wirh cake & family!
I went with mom to church in the morning - here Belinda & Jan, from InterMission music group, lead worship [here singing 'You raise me up]      

Mom's birthday - Saturday 26th August 06

mom's birthday family gathering 26 Aug 06 Josh, Jane & Matt   Mom & Matt Katie
Bev - from mobile's camera Kerry & Josh   Bethany Belinda - from mobile's camera

In York from Friday 18th - Sunday 20th August 06

one of the many ancient gates to the City   in 'the Shambles' part of the City outside the church where we went for the morning service in York
rain or no rain, we're finishing our coffee . . .  !! a small but vocal anti-war demonstration   coffee after the church service

Adam's birthday meal -held Sunday 13th August 06

the family gathering!! 13th Aug 06 Abi & Alan   Alexanda's eye - just don't ask!! Adam (birthday boy) and Kay - 13 Aug 06
Alexanda me with Abi - at Bev's on Sunday 13th August 06  

Bev's car accident - Wednesday 2nd August

  being loaded onto the recovery vehicle . . .   let's make an occasion of it, eh  . . . !!  

Josh & Kerry in Istanbul - July 06

  Josh does like his fish!! By the plate load by the look of it . . . .

Alexander's graduation day - held @ the Barbican Centre, London - Monday 24th July 06

(1) being silly in the back of the car - journey down - but still relatively 'normal' (2) getting a little sillier . . . .
  (3) Bev's lost it  . . .  
  lunchtime, as we first arrived at the Barbican Centre   the Chaple in King's College - the Strand Campus
a rather poor quality shot of Ali  
Bev, Ali & Abi - 24 June 06

stopping for coffee on the journey home at the M40 services   nearing the end of a long day - final 'pit stop' for food & drinks on M40 a beautiful sunset to end the day . . . taken from the car on the M40, which doesn't do it justice!!

at Bev's for her 'Charity Meal' - Friday 21st July 06
most photos of the evening can be seen on my 'friends photos' page - to see them, click here


Beth's school play/musical - Tuesday 18 July 06

  Beth, centre, as a skeleton - 18/7/06 - in her last school play @ Newfields

overnight @ Bev's - 12/13 July 06

Amy, in watering-mode, Wednesday evening [her boy friend's motor cycle is in the background .....] Bev & me, with Craig - Amy's boyfriend 12/7/06   me with my bacon butties ...... the view from my bed as I woke up on a sunny morning - 13/7/06

Sunday - 2nd July 06


Easter Sunday - 16th April 06

taken during the service as members of the congregation were asked to take flowers to cover the cross; the young peoples' band played as the songsters led us in worship   Abigail & Alan Bev's personalised place settings ....
lunch at Bev's with the family   Adam & Kay - 16 Apr 06 the family @ Bev's church's service in the local leisure centre

Mothering Sunday - 26th March 06

the beautiful stained glass of Short Cross   at Short Cross church on Mothering Sunday - 26 March 06 lunch being prepared ... too many cooks? And not a male in sight!!!
lunch at bev's for Mothering Sunday - and yes, Belinda & I were enjoying ourselves ... !       my neice, Amy
 Alexander, with his Band: playing in 'the Borderline' - March 06
my nephew Alexander at a recent concert with his band   my nephew, Ali

Bethany's 11th birthday gathering - 25th February 06

Beth, in the green, and friends Beth & Belinda being silly ..... !!!   Matthew the fact Matthew got to the seat first wasn't going to stop my sister Bev from sitting there too ...... !!
mom & Belinda Bev with my brother's sister in law   Jane, as ever, the perfect hostess
Katie [who was trying to do her college homework!] caught by surprise the birthday girl & food .... !!   my brother's father in law  
      Matthew, as excited as someone let lose in a sweet shop!! Beth's cousin with her boyfriend
my niece Katie's 18th birthday party
held on Friday 6th January 06
  Matt 'Spielberg' McBain
Josh Mr Wimbush, Katie's grandfather  
  Amy & friend
Beth the birthday girl herself   Yvonne & Ken
Val & Dave mother & daughter   Bev's birthday flowers
Bev & Katie a little too much of the old loopy juice by the look of it ... !   Barrie, Bob & Martin
      Yvonne, mom & Val

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