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Christmas Day 2008

  Nicki modelling her new cycle helmet!!    

Christmas Eve 2008 @ Mom's


Amie's 18th birthday family get-together held on Sunday 16th November



Adam getting his first-class honours degree at University - 7th November
taken off the Uni's live webcast


watching Beth play in goal for Dudley girls' team - 25th October

Beth, before the game as started with a look of determnation   "you're not going to get through ... !" "told you I'd get it"
Saturday 25th Oct 08       another fine save

in Windsor with Bev, staying @ Abi & Alan's  - 19th/22nd September - watching Ali in Windsor's half marathon


Matthew's 18th birthday bash for his friends - held on Thursday 18th September  


my nephew Matthew's 18th birthday [family] celebrations - held on Sunday 14th September  

birthday boy with his pride & joy .. his new car "now then, what's this engine thing all about ... ??"   Beth see how old he makes me look??
birthday boy can now consume alcohol ... !! Nicki & Kate  
Matt trying to quickly blow out his candles so we'll stop singing 'happy birthday' .. I thought we sounded good!!       the obligatory group photo

my nephews Adam & Alexander at a "Vicar & Tarts' Party" - Sept 08
[we're related you know!!]

Adam & Ali  

meeting @ Aunty May's on Mom's 86th birthday - 26th August 08


Mom's 86th birthday party, held at Bev's on Sunday 24th August 08

cousins together - Joshua & Alexander slaves to the kitche n Bev & Abi   Fay & Matt
the ubiquitous family photo!! our chefs extraordinaire  
here's one I made earlier ....
    the McBain ensemble
mom gets her cake .. to our strained rendition of 'happy birthday' .. !!   there really is a kite up there .. honest!!

at Bev's, christening her new French doors - 25/26 July 08

stepping out the French doors for my first glass of wine  
breakfast ... has summer finally arrived??     Bev with her 'zoo'

Joshua's graduation day - July 08


some of Josh's photos from his time in Thailand - July 08


my nephew James' 40th birthday bash - 12th/13th July 08

James with Viv and her sister & partner 1 of the 3 gazebos   the BBQ chef james had hired for the day ..
Bev, Belinda & Jodie who had flown in from the Cayman Islands only a few hours before (she was cold!!) Ali

Viv (r) with her sister & mother
  James cutting his birthday cake ...
  on the Sunday, Bev with her brood on the sunday @ lunchtime .. the remaining few!

my birthday present opening - Sunday 27th April 08

my birthday cake & candle - it needs to be in antique mode, I fear ....    

Alexander's run in the London marathon - Sunday 13th April 08

the final leg, down The Mall no idea who these are ... but it gives the atmosphere .. !  

at last, the finishing line ...
  a happy nephew ... it's all over!! looks like he's just come back from Tesco's rather than just run a marathon ... !!!

cousin Dawn's wedding to Paul Acton - Saturday 12th April 08

Dawn & Paul just after signing the register at Short Cross the proud parents, Val & Dave, leaving the church   Muriel, Eric & Gill just before going into the reception
Matt & mom just outside the church cousins Olive & Geoff   little sis and me Amy & Jack
the newly weds cutting the cake ... and Dawn still smiling just after I'd told her Albion was 1 goal down!!! the family's "young table" at the reception - I tried to join!!   Amy & Jack Josh with mom
Terissa & Nicki with Belinda Barrie & Jane with Bethany   the McBain mafia - at the reception
the Short Cross gang ... a noisy table!!!!
uncle & niece   I almost managed to chop their heads off ....  

Auntie May's 98th birthday - 19th February 08


Beverly's birthday - 6th January 08


Katie's birthday - 5th January 08


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