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New Year's Eve 05 at Peter & Phylis's
George discovers Google Earth .. ! Paul & George trying to get their own back !!
Pat & Adrian - who first met 15 years ago 'today'
Amy in party mode our hostess, Phylis a Miss World winner in our midst
me and my two sisters & Amy - New Year's Eve 05 Paul still thinking he can out-snap me - no chance, mate!! Belinda & 'Elvis' Sanger squaring up ..... Pat & Bev
  keep yer mouth shut mate Deb, being kept warm!!  


a Christmas party at Pat & Adrian's - 29th December 05

Mrs Deb W - do I see a wine glass she's trying to hide??!!

Christmas Eve at Paul & Deb's
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Shirley Judith & me Nicki the Alston family
Emma Chris Homer    

Office Christmas meal - Friday 16th December 05

3 ushers together - Pete, me & Mo Fiona & Richard - 2 of our Legal Advisors Jan father [my boss!!] and daughter (Roger & Deb)
Mo, me & Jan Frank, another usher! Rosemary - in happy mode
Jenny - meal organiser extraordinaire ... !! don't try this at home, children relaxing in the pub after the meal

Richard, giving the 'thanks' to Jenny for organising the meal


at Verdi's Requiem @ Symphony Hall - 19th November 05
plus a meal beforehand at Bank Restaurant

a meal at Bank Restaurant, before listening to Verdi's Requiem at Birmingham Symphony Hall - 19/11/05 now, why is it do you think that I always get the bill .. !!?? after the Concert, posing before trying [v carefully...!!] to negotiate our way over the bridge

a closer view ... !!

women & machine in total harmony!! Trying to 'feed' the carpark ticket machine after the Concert ... !!

the 'Joseph ' party after the final show - 12th November 05
Betty & George
Pat, our hostess
a production of  'Joseph' at church - 11th November 05
Jane & Bev Amy & Matt - cousins at play!!
Bev & Amy George with my sis Mal P making a visit to the Midlands Janet
a Guy Faulk's evening - Saturday 5th November 05
George - working as usual!! Pat, Shirley & Belinda Deb & Paul Westwood Judith
  Judith, just out of the jacuzzi - she wasn't giving us a hint to go home - honest!!  
  Shugborough Concert - 6th August 05
a "Pimm's Moment" a spitfire flies over Shugborough Hall - not a good photo, but an impressive air display
  Richard Round, Paul & Deb Westwood Judith - just don't ask what she's doing . . .  !!  


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