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taken over Clent Hills on a sunny Sunday 14th June 2009
New Year's Eve 09 @ Belinda's

at the Hawne Tavern on Christmas Eve with friends after I'd been to mom's for the family gathering, and before we went off to Midnight Communion

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walking in a snowy Bluebell Wood on Wednesday 23rd December 2009
a walk through a sunny Wyre Forest on 26th November 2009

at Bletchley Park, the WW2 decoding centre, on Saturday 24th October 2009
a captured Enigma machine @ Bletchley Park - 24 Oct 09


at the RAF Museum at Cosford - 22nd October 2009

Gloucester Javelin my beloved TSR2
a long weekend in Torquay, visiting Sidmouth, Dartmoor & Babbacombe, from Friday 9th October to Monday 12th October 2009
Friday 9th @ Sidmouth & our evening at Lynne & Ian's
a copy of the card I sent to celebrate the start of a great weekend lunch at the Belmont Hotel - 9 Oct 09    Joy & Lynton at the Belmont Hotel taken @ Sidmouth with the sea roaring and giving a lovely reddish tint to the water's edge
Saturday 10th @ Bovey Castle, the Castle Drogo & our evening at Lynne & Ian's
at Bovey Castle, Dartmoor at Bovey Castle, Dartmoor at Bovey Castle, Dartmoor at Bovey Castle, Dartmoor
Lynne - at Bovey Castle, Dartmoor at Bovey Castle, Dartmoor Joy - at Bovey Castle, Dartmoor in a baronial hall at Bovey Castle, Dartmoor
the town church @ Chagford village taken in Chagford village, Dartmoor at Castle Drogo
at Castle Drogo
Lynne & Ian at Castle Drogo with Lynne, the 'hostess with the mostess', for our fab weekend   the 'Short Crossers' win at trivial pursuit
Sunday 11th walking round Torquay town centre and coffee at the Grand Hotel, reading the papers on our hosts' decking & our evening at Lynne & Ian's
a rather dramatic sea viewed from Torquay harbour coffee on the terrace at the Grand Hotel walking along the harbour, Torquay pointing to our favourite spot on the ceiling - don't ask!!!!
Monday 12th @ Babbacombe Castle & coffee at the Osbourne Hotel before heading home
overlooking the bay at Babbacombe

Joy the peeping tom - at Babbacombe coffee at the Osbourne Hotel
coffee at the Osbourne Hotel overlooking the bay at Babbacombe   as seen from the terrace at the Osbourne Hotel
Visiting the 'Back to Backs' in Hurst Street, Birmingham - part of the national Trust - on Wednesday 30th September 2009
the shared 'privy' ... yuk!!  
On the Metro & at the Stourbridge Junction, viewing the 'Parry People Mover' with the owner John Parry - 17th September 2009
at the Birmingham Arts Fest on Saturday 12th September 2009
on the canal bridge at the Symphony Hall/Brindley Place on the deck-chairs @ "the beach" at Centenary Square one of the free concerts - here with the guitar the Quinton Community Choir singing inside the B'ham Ats Gallary
Ex Cathedra singing in the Town Hall - and showing off their junior Choir too one of the many outdoor Concerts - outside the B'ham Rep Theatre aother outdoor Concert - at the Council House
The Council House- bathes in glorious sunshine part of 'the beach' area

Belly Dancers ... a relaxing drink at The Bank after a busy day ...
a couple of days of walking and visiting local attractions - 27th & 28th August 09
Peter Fisher's 55th birthday celebrations - Sunday 16th August 09



a weekend away with Lynne & Ian and Joy & Lynton from Friday 7th-Sunday 9th August 09
at th Friday 7th Aug 09e Mail Box   pre theatre drinks at The Mail Box 7/Aug 09
at Bewdley 8th August 09 near Bewdley Bridge Saturday 8th August 09 the sun brought everyone out on the river ..
a thirsty bee taking a long drink on a wonderfully hot & sunny day at Burford House 8 Aug 09 Ribbesford Houe - where the Free French Army trained in WW2 the plaque @ Ribbesford House about the Free French Army's use of the House during WW2
opening the champagne for Lynton's 65th birthday soaking up the sun on the Sunday afternoon .. a pre-lunch Pimms aided sleep!! a nice long, cool Pimms before lunch!!
singing at Worcester Cathedral and then at Hanbury Hall for a picnic - Saturday 25th July 09

Below are 5 video clips I've put on YouTube taken on my digital camera of Voices in Harmony Choir singing informally in Worcester Cathedral on Saturday 25th July 2009 - we had been giver 30 minutes for an impromptu Concert

 Love Changes Everything 

The Lord is my Shepherd


 And the Glory of the Lord

You Raise Me Up
at the former Fencote Railway Station - Wednesday 8th July 09

at the Birmingham Art Gallery on Tuesday 16th June 09

the stained glass windows given by Graingers Lane Methodist in Cradley Heath church to the Art Gallery when the church as demolished. This was the church where my parents  were married

over Clent on Sunday 14th June 09
at Judith & George's for sunshine, jacuzzi & BBQ - 30th May 09


a few days of R&R in the shadows of Snowdonia 18th-20th May 09
our cottage
an evening visiting the Birmingham pubs on Friday 15th May with my weekend guest Adam, going on till 3am when I finally had to call a taxi
Selfridges, taken by Adam on the Friday 15th May 09 me @ 0200  ... too tired to smile!!   Adam Hayward from Manchester, in our 4th pub @ 1.00am
an afternoon with friends in the sun, afternoon tea on the lawn & then Jacuzzi - sorted!! (11 May 09)

in Manchester - 4th/7th May 09
afternoon tea @ The Midland Hotel, Manchester   at the Lowry Hotel on the balcony of the Lowry Hotel
another walk over the Clent & Walton Hills - 22nd April 09
another Songs of Praise party at my house - 19th April 09 - who can you spot that you know??!
Mal's 60th birthday party - Saturday 18th April 09
a day out to the Midlands Railway Museum, Butterley - 16th April 09
a Jacuzzi evening @ Judith & George's - 15th April 09
Barry Blunt's 70th birthday party @ Hagley Golf & Country Club - Easter Monday 13th April 09

a 'Songs of Praise' party @ my house - Easter Sunday  12th April 09
a meal with my former boss Paul and friends Ian & Nando - Saturday 11th April 09
my Good Friday egg hunt & hot cross buns - 10th April 09
our home made simnel cake June & John Hierons - 10th Apil 09 I found an egg ... yippeeeee with my own personal simnel cake .. 10 Apr 09
Paul Westwood's 40th birthday - 4th April 09
ltitle sis & big bro Judith & Blin aka 'the performers' !! Shirley & Jan mid-performance @ karaoke
in Windsor - 25th March 09
a blue pillar box - you don't see many of those!! in front of Windsor Castle the crooked house
Judith's birthday - Monday 23rd March 09
the birthday girl .. obviously a long day!!
our weekly walk @ Wyre Forrest - Wednesday 18th March 09

a day in the life of Friday 13th - aka Comic Relief/Red Nose Day/George's last day at work
  I've found my marbles!! our farewell message to George on his last day - emailed to him at work!!
at my house - Thursday 12th January 2009
Judith & Shirley George & Peter
a weekend with Lynne & Ian and Joy & Lynton - Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th February 2009
William & Thomas with Lynne & Joy in victory mode after winning at Trivial Pursuit
over a snowy Clent on Sunday 8th February 08
walking in the snow over Waseley Park - Wednesday 4th February 2009
visiting the Sick of the Parish aka Kevin Beale following his shoulder operation - Friday 16th January 2009
the surgery scars ....
visiting the Sick of the Parish aka Kevin Beale - Friday 16th January 2009
the surgery scars ....
a warm & a cuppa with Nicki - Wednesday 14th January 2009
out in Birmingham - Saturday 10th January 2009
meal @ cafe Uno
  the massed Choirs at the Town Hall    
the 'house flood' - January 2009
moving the furniture over the sodden carpets - saturday 10th Jan 09 saturday 10/01/09 - finished getting up & throwing out the last of the carpets this is the little blighter who caused so much damage - I do believe it's smirking at me

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